• Austin Sora

A Love Letter to New York

Dear New York,

It’s been ten years since I fell in love with you.

When I think back to that first time I climbed the wooden ladder to my dorm room bunk bed, what I remember most is the anticipation. I knew that I was embarking on an adventure that was bigger than anything I’d ever done before, and I was ready for whatever was about to come my way.

Since then, I’ve only grown to love you more. I love running into people I know on the subway. I love standing at the barre at Steps next to dancers I’ve grown up idolizing. I love lingering in a holding room after an audition so I can catch up with a friend.

From the Times Square Elmos with their costume heads off, to the Upper East Side dogs in strollers, to the elderly couple in Fort Tryon Park celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary - I’ve loved it all.

You’ve seen me through tough times, and you’ve watched so many of my dreams come true. You’ve challenged me to open my mind and you’ve introduced me to some of the best friends I’ve ever had.

Thank you for teaching me to believe in myself, and in my dreams. Thank you for letting me be a part of a place that has been here long before I arrived, and will continue to be here long after I’m gone.

I miss you, New York. I miss the buzz of a Broadway theatre as the house lights go out and the overture begins. I miss rooftop picnics and Levain cookies. I miss hugging my friends.

I get goosebumps thinking about how I’ll feel when I finally get to see you again. It’s the same anticipation I felt ten years ago, except this time instead of looking forward to finding my way in a new place, I am looking forward to returning to the place I now call home.

Stay safe, New York. I love you.

Until we meet again,


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